PASTOR'S PAGE - August 13, 2017

We have a new website!  Well, more accurately, we have a new look to our website.  For years, Jay Holmes has managed our website, but notified us that he would be withdrawing from that service at the end of July.  We thank Jay for his many years of service!

            In anticipation of that transition, and in hopes of expanding our electronic communications ability, we received a graduate student, Perry Sweeper, from the University of Baltimore to help us with our efforts.  Perry has been working with Valerie Anderson, Denise Stanley, and me in preparing a new website and exploring other avenues of communications for the parish.  After a period of investigation, he and Valerie identified Squarespace to be our new host.  Jay provided us with the files from our previous website, and Valerie transferred everything over to Squarespace for our new look.  Same address:

            I keep emphasizing new look, because, once we transferred all of the old data into the new site, we realized just how out-of-date our website has been.  (We currently have liturgical minister schedules posted from 2014!)  So, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

            I’ve done a down-and-dirty update of most of the information provided on the site.  Valerie is in the process of posting those updates.  But that’s just a quick fix.  Our ultimate goal (to the extent practical) is to have a separate webpage for each ministry and to make each ministry responsible for that page’s content.  They’ll be able to post photos, descriptions, fliers, schedules, upcoming events, etc., to their page.  I’m also working with the staff to see if we can switch our calendaring completely to the web, so that our online calendar will always be up-to-date.  Right now, the “real” calendar is a book that Dejah keeps.  We then have to remember to post events on that calendar to the website calendar.  We often forget.  One electronic calendar will eliminate that step and ensure that everyone is looking at the same calendar.

            To accomplish this, I envision the creation of a Website Committee.  I would like to have three people on that Committee who would be authorized to make changes to the website.  Any ministry wishing to update its page would email those three individuals, who would then review the changes and make them.  Those three members would meet with other members of the Committee periodically to review the website and to recommend changes and updates, as needed.  Let me know if you’d be interested in serving on that Committee.

            Once we get our website settled, we’ll begin focusing on such other technologies as email blasts and a mobile app for the parish.  We’re even talking about live-streaming our Masses. Welcome to the 21st Century!